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I’m a Canadian-born fantasy and science fiction writer, currently living in the Boston area. While I enjoy both reading and writing within many different genres and sub-genres, I admit to a particular fondness for high fantasy, most particularly for those multi-volume series of 800+ page novels that everyone loves to make fun of. Especially the ones with elves.

Although I am working on my own 800+ page novel (with elves!), everything I’ve published so far has been short fiction. I’ve listed all my publications below; if you’re interested in reading any of the stories, you can find links on the Start Reading tab.


Published Fiction

“The Price of Healing” in Kzine, January 2017, Issue 17 (short novelette)
“Fabiana’s Fairy Godmother” in A Sea of Stars Like Diamonds (short story)

“Children of Cronus” in Silent Screams, October 2016 (short story)
“As Travelers in Sky Boats” in Escape Pod, September 2016 (short story)
“Thou Hast by Moonlight at Her Window Sung” in SQ Mag, March 2016, Edition 25 (short story)

“The Workshop at the End of the World” in Daily Science Fiction, December 2015 (short story)
“Twenty-Seven Images of Retribution” in, March 2015 (short story)

“It Is Beautiful Here” in Crowded Magazine, July 2014 (short story)
“Brother’s Keeper” in Fantasy Short Stories, June 2014, Issue 2 (short novelette)
“City of the Dying Sun” in Kaleidotrope, Winter 2014 (short novelette)

“The Guild of Swordsmen” in Silver Blade (novella)

“Clear Skies in Pixieland” in Nine: A Journal of Imaginative Fiction, April 2012, Issue 1 (long novelette)

“The Observation Deck” in On Spec, Fall 2011 (flash)
“The Kiss of the Blood-Red Pomegranate” in Aoife’s Kiss, December 2011 (short novelette)–Reprinted in Imaginarium 2012: The Best Canadian Speculative Writing
“The Shoemaker’s Daughter” in Mystic Signals, May 2011 (short story)
“Sons of God, Daughters of Men” in Strange, Weird, & Wonderful, Spring 2011 (short story)
“Woman Moving to the Country” in Prairie Fire, Winter 2010/2011; Volume 31, No. 4 (short novelette)

“The Year of the Bear” in Allegory, Winter 2010, Volume 11/38 (short novelette) (Lots of elves in this one!)

“Looking-Glass Milk” in Crystal Codices (short novelette)

“Veritas Nos Liberabit” in Futurismic (short story)

I am a 2008 graduate of the Clarion West Writers Workshop in Seattle, a member of SF Canada, and a member of the speculative fiction writers’ group BRAWL. I also attend several science fiction conventions throughout the year, such as Readercon, Boskone, Arisia, World Fantasy and Worldcon, more often than not accompanied by my husband, fantasy / horror / science fiction writer Donald S. Crankshaw (you should read his stories, too).

(flash = 1-1000 words; short story = 1000-7500 words; short novelette = 7500-10,000 words; long novelette = 10,000-17,500 words; novella = 17,500-40,000 words)