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The Joy of … Research

While thumbing through the Lonely Planet guide to Italy on my new Kindle, Donald found a reference to this book. From the Publishers Weekly review: ‘Colorful frescoes, metal objects or ceramics are shown in 114 illustrations (95 in color), divided … Continue reading

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When in Rome … or not

Donald and I are both working on short stories and novels in imaginary fantasy settings inspired by ancient Rome. This is not a case of being influenced by someone you spend a lot of time with. We’ve known each other … Continue reading

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Cardoons, Roman mayonnaise and Facebook. And some writing.

I’m always excited to try a new vegetable, and I’d been noticing cardoons for sale at Russo’s, where I buy most of my groceries. Cardoons look sort of like a big bunch of celery, though they’re actually more closely related … Continue reading

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An important milestone in my writing career

I’ve finally collected so many rejection letters that they no longer fit in the 3-ring binder I’ve been using for them (it was a smallish 3-ring binder). I had to divide them between two 3-ring binders.

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“Sons of God, Daughters of Men” accepted for publication

I just found out that my short story “Sons of God, Daughters of Men” has been accepted for publication by the online magazine Strange, Weird, & Wonderful. It’s currently slated for publication in their April 2011 issue. They’re a free … Continue reading

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Fundraising month at Ralan.com!

I just wanted to put in a plug for Ralan.com, seeing as how September is Ralan’s annual fundraising month. This is mostly for those of you who are fantasy or science fiction writers (though I’m sure Ralan wouldn’t turn away … Continue reading

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Dear Penthouse

I’m currently reading The Arabian Nights, a fairly recent translation (1990) by Husain Haddawy. Over the last few years, I’ve tried to start reading some of the classics of Western literature. Assisting me in this attempt is the embarrassingly useful … Continue reading

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Everything you ever wanted to know about elves

I can’t decide if this is real; i.e., is this guy serious? I didn’t think so, but then I clicked on the link to go to his website, and apparently he’s a medium associated with this other medium who claims … Continue reading

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Vampire dreams

So, I had a weird dream the other night. I had run off with a vampire, with whom I was romantically involved (of course!). Though he wasn’t one of those suave vampires who spoke with a European accent and oozed … Continue reading

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Shakespeare on the Boston Common (spoiler alert!)

(Not that you shouldn’t expect spoilers for a review of a play that’s over 300 years old.) Last Friday, Donald and I went to see the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company’s free performance of Othello. Every year the company stages a free … Continue reading

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