Note to World Fantasy Convention …

… Apt 1 and Apt 2 are separate addresses!

My boyfriend Donald and I are both planning to attend this year’s World Fantasy Convention in Columbus, Ohio. Donald and I have kind of an unusual living arrangement, in that we live in separate apartments in one two-family house (we each have two roommates). Well, Donald just received the latest mailing from World Fantasy, inside an envelope that had a printed sticky address label showing his name and address, stuck on top of a printed sticky address label showing my name and address, so that just my name was clearly visible. I.e., even though we technically have different addresses, they assumed that we only needed one mailing between the two of us.

It seems that whoever addressed the envelopes didn’t notice that, even though our street address is the same, the apartment numbers are different. Unless they did notice, and figured that, if next-door neighbors in the same apartment complex who were both attending World Fantasy didn’t already know each other, they ought to!

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