Imaginarium 2012 now available – in Canada

My story “The Kiss of the Blood-Red Pomegranate” is now out in Imaginarium 2012, an annual reprint anthology from ChiZine Publications and Tightrope Books featuring the previous year’s best Canadian speculative fiction (i.e., science fiction, fantasy, horror, magic realism, and whatever else the editors decide fits).  The story came out last year in Aoife’s Kiss, a small print magazine, so it’s exciting for me that my story was chosen to appear in Imaginarium, and perhaps reach a wider audience.

Imaginarium is already available in Canada, either directly from the publisher, or from or Chapters/Indigo, and you can get it in either trade paperback or e-book (all the major formats).  I don’t know if it’s also available in brick-and-mortar bookstores.  (You know, the old-fashioned kind, that you have to walk into.)

The publisher does make more money if you buy it from them instead of a third party, and that means they can then put more money back into the business, publishing more books and paying more authors.  But of course, they (and I!) would be delighted if you choose to buy a copy, no matter where you buy it.  There are 37 stories and poems, most of them by Canadian authors far more famous than I.

If you live in the United States, you can get it now from any of the aforementioned e-book retailers (or direct from ChiZine), but the trade paperback won’t be available from, Barnes and Noble, or other online bookstores until at least the end of August (although you can pre-order).  I’ll post here again once it is available.  You could still order it from the publisher, but the shipping is another 165% on top of the cost of the book.  (Please blame Canada Post for the outrageous price, not the publisher.)

If you don’t live in either Canada or the United States … well, I hope you like e-books!  Although it’s interesting how our expectations have changed.  20 years ago, if a book I wanted came out from a small publisher in another country (especially if that country was not the United States), I would have taken for granted that it would be difficult and possibly expensive to obtain.  Nowadays, I feel kind of miffed if I can’t get cheap 7-day shipping.  But you may be a better person than I am.  (I’m pretty sure ChiZine will ship the book to you anywhere in the world with a functional postal service, but they will have to charge you whatever it costs them.)

ChiZine Publications does appear at various science fiction conventions throughout Canada and around the world, often with a table of books for sale, if you’re a convention-goer you might also be able to purchase the book there.  (They’ll be at Worldcon in Chicago, and World Fantasy in Toronto, among others.)

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  1. Heide says:

    Ordered mine and should be here on Tues.

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