Shameless commerce department

Check out the t-shirt Donald and I are selling on Zazzle!  It’s the perfect 2nd anniversary gift for yourself, your spouse, or a friend.

We designed it because we wanted them for ourselves and couldn’t find ones we liked online.  There was one, but it ruined the joke by explaining on the shirt that the traditional 2nd anniversary gift was cotton.

White t-shirts are shown, but you can get pretty much any color, any size, even a different style of t-shirt than the ones we used.  You could even get our design on a t-shirt that isn’t 100% cotton.  But that would be silly.

Hopefully if we sell a few t-shirts we’ll actually get some money, but I have to admit that I didn’t read the details of the agreement closely enough to ascertain whether any royalties will be paid in money, or Zazzle store credit.  (No, I’m never that careless about signing contracts for my fiction!)  Donald doesn’t think it really matters; he thinks we’re going to make so little money from this that we might as well use it to buy a t-shirt or mug.  But I admit, I have grand dreams that we’re tapping into some hitherto unmet need for creative 2nd anniversary gifts.  (My overactive imagination is very helpful in writing fantasy and science fiction.)

The traditional 3rd anniversary gift is leather.  Hmm….

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