New story out in Daily Science Fiction

My new story “The Workshop at the End of the World” is now out at Daily Science Fiction (click to read).  It’s so short that I don’t want to give away too much by trying to explain it, but here’s how it starts:

The workshop’s bright interior felt like a sauna after the numbing midwinter cold outdoors.  The old man immediately took off his fur-lined hat and gloves and started unfastening the buttons of his greatcoat.  His workers glanced up from benches and forge upon his entrance, but they took too much pride in their work to set it aside and rush to greet him.

I think it will become quickly apparent (if it hasn’t already) why the story was published in late December.

If you like super-short science fiction and fantasy stories, you might want to subscribe to Daily Science Fiction.  It’s free, and they’ll email you a new story each day (Monday through Thursday, at any rate).  Just look for the Subscribe heading on the sidebar to the right of my story, in the link above.

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