Good enough for now

It’s not the prettiest website in the world. The gray heading bars don’t match the colors in the header photograph (Jaisalmer Fort, India, FYI). Some of the text in the header doesn’t show up very well, and some of it is plain, ugly and white. I don’t really understand the difference between someone getting an RSS feed of my blog, or becoming a “user” (and whether I need to do anything to enable the former, and whether I should allow the latter).

Regardless, I now have a website and blog that I’m not too embarrassed to point people to. I plan to keep the “About” page up-to-date with information on (and, if available, links to) any stories I’ve published. On the Main Page, I’ll be posting news about story acceptances, conventions I’m attending, and probably a lot of random stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with writing, but that I happened to find interesting or entertaining. So please, visit often and tell all your friends!

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  1. Jim Stewart says:

    Very nice, Kristin! I’ll be adding it to my RSS (BTW, that means I’ll get it on my RSS reader that lets me look at the 50-60 blogs I follow. Usually a ‘subscriber’ is someone who is tracked when they visit the site & can enter a comment without putting in their name & e-mail every time.)

    Now we just need to get you on Facebook & Twitter & you’ll be all caught up! 😉

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