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If you’re interested in reading (or listening to) some of my fiction, here’s where to find it:

“The Hungry Ghosts”–The Colored Lens
“The Vanished Legions”–Tales of Ruma
“King of Nowhere”–Strange Constellations
“The Water Tower”–Polar Borealis
“The Price of Healing”–Kzine
“Fabiana’s Fairy Godmother”–A Sea of Stars Like Diamonds
“Children of Cronus”–Silent Screams
“As Travelers in Sky Boats”–Escape Pod
“Thou Hast by Moonlight at Her Window Sung”–SQ Mag
“The Workshop at the End of the World”–Daily Science FictionMythic Orbits Vol. 2
“Twenty-Seven Images of Retribution”–
“It Is Beautiful Here”–Kindle
“Brother’s Keeper”–Kindle
“City of the Dying Sun”–Kaleidotrope
“Clear Skies in Pixieland”–Kindle
“The Kiss of the Blood-Red Pomegranate”–Imaginarium 2012Kindle
“The Shoemaker’s Daughter”–Kindle
“Sons of God, Daughters of Men”–A Big Book of Strange, Weird, and Wonderful, Volume 2Kindle
“Woman Moving to the Country”–Kindle
“The Year of the Bear”–Allegory, Volume 11/38Kindle
“Looking-Glass Milk”–Kindle
“Veritas Nos Liberabit”–Futurismic

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