Houston to Louisiana

On September 5th, we drove from Houston, Texas to St. Francisville, Louisiana. St. Francisville is about an hour north of Baton Rouge, and I guess about an hour (maybe less?) south of Mississippi. The Mississippi River runs right by it.

The drive was pretty uneventful. We saw a lot of signs for boudin and cracklings (or cracklin’s), going through Cajun country. Boudin is a spicy pork and rice sausage. Cracklings are basically pork rinds, only fresh-cooked, not the preservative-laden ones you get in those little plastic bags. We also saw a lot of signs for “adult superstores.” And those signs that say “Still a Virgin? For Help, Call [X].” No one we know can figure out what those signs are about. What sort of help are they offering? Do they have anything to do with the adult superstores?

I’m getting over a cold, and have to get up early tomorrow, so I’ll write more later. Stay tuned, to read about our exciting tour of the Tabasco sauce factory!

Here’s a cute picture of Donald with the kitten his parents have adopted:

I did warn him that people with cat allergies tend to be most allergic to gray striped cats

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3 Responses to Houston to Louisiana

  1. Kitty Martin says:

    Those “Still a Virgin?” signs around the Baton Rouge area were for a moving that was being filmed there. The production people were supposed to take them down after that scene was shot but somehow, they got left up a bit longer. They caused lots of confusion for those of us who couldn’t figure them out!

  2. Kitty Martin says:

    Sorry, I meant to type “movie” but my fingers didn’t work!

  3. Kristin says:

    Interesting! They were for a movie? Do you know which one? I’ve heard that these signs are also up in the New York City area; people who’ve seen them there didn’t have any idea what they were about, either.

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