Kaleidotrope Winter 2014

I mentioned in my last post that I have a story in the Winter 2014 issue of Kaleidotrope.  Definitely check out the other stories in that issue if you have the chance!  My favorite was Josh Storey’s “Phantasy Punk”, although I’m still not sure I quite understood it after two read-throughs.  It’s very meta, full of geek culture references and great lines, but also fast-paced and fun to read.

In the poetry department, I loved Ada Hoffmann’s “Memo From Neverland”, a brief and eloquent meditation on the story of Peter Pan and what it really means to grow up.

Kaleidotrope publishes 4 times a year, and their Spring 2014 issue should be out sometime in the next few weeks.  But they keep the older issues archived and free-to-read.  For instance, you can still read “Camouflage”, by my Clarion West classmate Eden Robins in the Autumn 2013 issue.  I admire Eden’s writing a lot, partly because it’s so different from my own style.  I think I take myself too seriously (and not in a good way) to write stories like this one.

Anyway, check out Kaleidotrope!

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