Mysterion now available for purchase

Well, posts here have been scarce this year.  Apparently editing and publishing an anthology is a lot of work.  Who knew?

Mysterion cover flat

I’m very excited to announce, however, that the anthology Donald and I have spent much of the last year working on is now available from Amazon and other fine retailers (specifically, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo).  (Amazon has both the paperback and eBook; the others only have the eBook right now, although Barnes & Noble should eventually have the paperback as well.)

Our hope is that the book will be of interest not only to Christians, but to anyone with an interest in fiction exploring spiritual and religious themes.  It isn’t “Christian fiction” in the traditional sense.  We didn’t insist on “clean” content or that the stories had to uphold Christian beliefs and values.  We did want fiction that felt authentic to our own experience of the faith, but we didn’t feel that every story had to portray Christianity in an unambiguously positive way.

If you do read the anthology, please consider reviewing it at Amazon and/or other retailers (or Goodreads, or your own blog, or…).  Even critical reviews (thoughtful ones, at least) can help other readers decide whether they would like the book.

We’re thrilled to finally get this out into the world for readers to engage with!


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