Everything you ever wanted to know about elves

I can’t decide if this is real; i.e., is this guy serious? I didn’t think so, but then I clicked on the link to go to his website, and apparently he’s a medium associated with this other medium who claims to be receiving messages from the spirit of Michael Jackson.

As something of an authority on elves myself, I was pleased to see Mr. Valentine confirm their vegetarian dietary practices; though as anyone who’s seen the elf documentary The Lord of the Rings can attest, they are not only 3 feet tall. (The late elf archaeologist, Professor J. R. R. Tolkien (Oxford) discusses these misconceptions at some length in his articles.)

The videoclip in the link is on the long side, but you only have to watch for a couple of minutes to get the joke. If it is a joke….

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2 Responses to Everything you ever wanted to know about elves

  1. Donald says:

    I always found their vegetarianism somewhat odd. If they don’t hunt, and they’re not war-like, why the heck are they so good with bows?

  2. Kristin says:

    Who said anything about elves not being war-like? Okay, maybe the dude in the YouTube video did. I don’t think they’re all that peaceful, though, and neither did Tolkien.

    I actually don’t think Tolkien’s elves were vegetarian, either, but feel free to correct me on that. My elves are, but they weren’t always. Several thousand years ago, there was a war between the two most powerful elvish kingdoms over a number of issues, including whether it was okay to enslave humans and use magic to create animal-human hybrids (like centaurs and fauns). The ones who didn’t think it was okay won. They also didn’t think it was okay to eat animals.

    Interestingly, they don’t think insects count as animals (though they don’t eat that many insects, mostly just grasshoppers, crickets and various insect larvae). And there are differences of opinion on non-vertebrate seafood.

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