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The Empty Family, by Colm Toibin

I just finished reading The Empty Family, the new short story collection by Irish literary author Colm Toibin (apologies for the lack of accents; I’m not a sophisticated enough blogger to know if WordPress has a way of including accents in … Continue reading

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Coffee Table Cookbook

I recently bought this cookbook. It’s a gorgeous hardcover with a colorful cover, and many beautiful pictures of delicious-looking food inside. It was an impulse purchase. I’d been shopping for a dress for my wedding (yes, yes, the store at … Continue reading

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The Joy of … Research

While thumbing through the Lonely Planet guide to Italy on my new Kindle, Donald found a reference to this book. From the Publishers Weekly review: ‘Colorful frescoes, metal objects or ceramics are shown in 114 illustrations (95 in color), divided … Continue reading

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Dear Penthouse

I’m currently reading The Arabian Nights, a fairly recent translation (1990) by Husain Haddawy. Over the last few years, I’ve tried to start reading some of the classics of Western literature. Assisting me in this attempt is the embarrassingly useful … Continue reading

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Everything you ever wanted to know about elves

I can’t decide if this is real; i.e., is this guy serious? I didn’t think so, but then I clicked on the link to go to his website, and apparently he’s a medium associated with this other medium who claims … Continue reading

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The Wheel of Time turns … and turns … and turns

I’m about two-thirds of the way through the latest installment (Book 12) of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series. This is the first book of the series to have been finished by Brandon Sanderson after Jordan’s death. Sanderson has said … Continue reading

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Curse you, Robert Jordan!

(and your evil sidekick Brandon Sanderson) No time for blogging today; I spent too much time reading the latest installment in The Wheel of Time.

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Spanked by Heinlein

I recently finished reading Robert Heinlein’s 1956 novel Double Star. Unlike many of my writer and fan compatriots, I didn’t grow up reading Heinlein. I’m not sure I’d ever even heard of him until college. My child and young adult … Continue reading

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Top Five(-plus) Novels

A few months back, on the mailing list for my Clarion West class, someone started a thread asking people for their Top Five novels. I hesitated to contribute until it became clear that a lot of other people in the … Continue reading

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Readercon 2010

My boyfriend Donald and I attended Readercon at the Burlington Marriott Hotel this weekend (Burlington Massachusetts, not Burlington Vermont). Readercon is one of my favorite science fiction conventions, and I’ve gone every year since 2005, except for 2008 when I … Continue reading

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