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Ancient Roman Pork Kebabs, Apicius 8.1.9

I’ve written elsewhere (here, here, and here) about my attempts to cook ancient Roman food.  Until now, I’ve followed adaptations of ancient recipes worked out for use in modern kitchens, with quantities and preparation notes.  But I was making grilled … Continue reading

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As the Romans cooked

Donald got two Roman cookbooks for his last birthday, to add to our collection.  The Classical Cookbook, by Andrew Dalby and Sally Grainger, includes both ancient Greek and ancient Roman recipes; Cooking Apicius, by Grainger, is a selection of modernized recipes from … Continue reading

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How to make paneer

On Wednesday, I made cheese for the first time, and documented the process with my trusty digital camera. I used the paneer recipe on page 297 of Sundays at Moosewood Restaurant. You need 2 quarts of milk, 3-4 tablespoons strained … Continue reading

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More CSA complaints

Um.  Can you guys try not to put the corn on the cob on top of the baby spinach next time?  I swear, Wilson Farm has the worst grocery baggers on the planet (I’ve lost track of how many peaches, … Continue reading

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Safety starts at home

It occurred to me today that maybe I shouldn’t be grilling barefoot.  As I poured the glowing coals from the chimney starter onto the grate, and one small coal went flying and landed on the ground, less than a foot … Continue reading

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Low fat, schmow fat!

Just for a change from boiled corn on the cob, I decided to use this week’s corn from my CSA share to make creamed corn for lunch. It was yummy, though I’m feeling maybe I ought to have a double … Continue reading

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Why I probably won’t join a vegetable CSA next year

Although the title might suggest the opposite, I love the CSA I’m in.  CSA stands for community-supported agriculture; you pay the farm a set amount before the start of the harvest season, and each week you get vegetables.  You don’t get … Continue reading

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Coffee Table Cookbook

I recently bought this cookbook. It’s a gorgeous hardcover with a colorful cover, and many beautiful pictures of delicious-looking food inside. It was an impulse purchase. I’d been shopping for a dress for my wedding (yes, yes, the store at … Continue reading

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Don’t fear the eggnog

I used to be afraid of eggnog when I was younger. I don’t like either eggs or milk, and as I’m sure you’re all aware, both feature quite prominently. You can get soy eggnog these days, but I doubt that … Continue reading

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When in Rome … or not

Donald and I are both working on short stories and novels in imaginary fantasy settings inspired by ancient Rome. This is not a case of being influenced by someone you spend a lot of time with. We’ve known each other … Continue reading

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