I just finished reading the latest issue of the magazine Sybil’s Garage. I can’t claim to be unbiased in my recommendation, since the editor, Matt Kressel, is a friend of mine. But I’ve been reading Sybil’s Garage almost from the beginning (I think I did miss #1), and I’ve always found great stories there. I think #7 is the best issue yet.

I particularly liked Amy Sisson’s “Suicide Club” and Tom Crosshill’s “Thinking Woman’s Crop of Fools”, two short and somewhat chilling glimpses of the future; among the poetry, I was struck by Jaqueline West’s “One October Night in Baltimore.” One thing that I’m really impressed by, looking at the whole issue, is the diversity of content: stories and poems; flash fiction and longer short stories (though they don’t really publish anything over 5000 words); traditional narratives and more experimental approaches to storytelling; science fiction and fantasy; settings past, present and future; North American and international. I like not knowing what to expect next when I turn the page.

I don’t know what to expect from Sybil’s Garage no. 8, but I’m sure it will be worth waiting for!