Vampire dreams

So, I had a weird dream the other night.

I had run off with a vampire, with whom I was romantically involved (of course!). Though he wasn’t one of those suave vampires who spoke with a European accent and oozed sex appeal; he was handsome, but not remarkably so. The two of us were living in a trailer park with this other guy from my previous life, who was jealous of the vampire (I think). I also had a black short-haired cat named Leopold (instead of my actual cat, who is also black but long-haired, and female). Leopold was quite intelligent, and could understand everything I said to him, though he could only meow and purr in response. He was a little nervous of the vampire, and was going to run away, but I convinced him not to, and he was loyal enough to stay.

The jealous guy went and told the people in town that the vampire was really a vampire, and they all showed up at our trailer in force. The vampire wasn’t there, so my friend tried to get me to turn against him and admit to the townspeople that he was an evil, bloodsucking fiend. But I refused, so then they decided to come after me instead. Fortunately, the vampire had taught me some magic tricks to help me escape from people with bad intentions. They helped a little, but didn’t work all that well, so I still had to run. It’s unclear whether I escaped; at that point, the dream morphed into something about a deer being chased into an old warehouse by a lion, and then the warehouse started to collapse, and then caught on fire.

Donald said he almost wanted to suggest that I try turning the dream into a story, since it was already so much more coherent than any of his dreams. “But,” he said, “I’m not sure the world really needs any more vampire romance fiction.”

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