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When to Self-Publish

I  have to disagree with some of author Dean Wesley Smith’s conclusions about short fiction publishing, in his article “When to Mail Short Fiction To Traditional Publishers”. First, he argues that there are only 4 or 5 science fiction magazines worth … Continue reading

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The Curious Case of the Shoemaker’s Daughter

About a year ago, I started making my previously published short stories available on Amazon as individual Kindle e-books.  I’ve already written about my reasons for trying to get my stories published in magazines before self-publishing them, and I still feel … Continue reading

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Don Quixote: Worldbuilding and self-publishing

I recently participated in a panel at the World Fantasy Convention on the importance of getting real-world details correct when writing fantasy fiction.  One suggestion that came up for authors writing in a historically-based setting was to read fiction written … Continue reading

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“Looking-Glass Milk” now available in Kindle edition

My science fiction story “Looking-Glass Milk” is now available to read on your Kindle or Kindle app.  This originally came out in 2009 from Scribblers & Ink Spillers as part of the Crystal Codices collection, but it’s out of print … Continue reading

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Arisia 2012

A couple of weekends ago, I attended Arisia, one of Boston’s local science fiction conventions.  I usually think of Arisia as more of a party convention than a writers’ convention.  I’ve attended Arisia in past years without sitting in on … Continue reading

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Why I don’t self-publish (mostly)

I’ve occasionally had friends ask why I don’t just publish my own stories once I’ve written them, instead of looking for magazines to publish them for me.  Self-publishing is easier than ever, whether you want to publish in electronic format … Continue reading

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