Kickstarter for Mysterion 2

Donald and I are running a Kickstarter to fund a second volume of the Mysterion anthology. Check it out!

Our funding target is $5000, which would be just about enough to pay the authors. We are able to cover the other costs involved in putting together a book–cover art and design, layout, copy editing, etc.–but we haven’t sold enough copies of the first book for it to be feasible to go ahead with Volume 2 without doing some fundraising.

16 days in, 24 days to go, and we’re at 26% of our goal, with 40 backers. So, obviously, we need to get more people to pledge in order for us to go ahead with this.

What happens if we don’t meet our funding goal? (Kickstarter funding is all-or-nothing, so if we don’t reach our target, we don’t get anything.) Well, we probably won’t quit publishing. But we won’t be able to open to story submissions in 2017.

We’re the only pro-paying market for Christian-themed short speculative fiction; although we’re not a traditional Christian publisher. Our focus is on work that doesn’t fit comfortably in either inspirational or mainstream publishing–we actively encourage story submissions from authors who aren’t Christian, for instance, and are open to publishing fiction that’s critical of the Christian faith as well as stories that affirm it. Read our Theme Guidelines if you’re interested in learning more!

And support us on Kickstarter!

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